"What used to take me 8 hours I now get done in 4"


A tailored approach to get things done

“Chris has a caring and thoughtful approach to working with clients. He doesn’t force you into a system, he makes a productivity solution that’s tailored for you. If you want to get more done with much less stress, I highly recommend his productivity coaching.”

Sharon Munt - MD, Relative Accountancy Limited.



Make business a priority

“Chris’ input had a dramatic effect on my business. Turnover has more than doubled in less than two years.”

Andy Clennell - MD, Clennell Custom Brass.



Clear focus, less pressure

“I used to drown in emails, and wrestle with inefficient processes, but Chris has totally revolutionised my day. I’m much more efficient, and I’m much better at leaving work at work.”

Peter Allen - MD, Enact Solutions.


Less stress, fewer headaches

“Chris’ productivity coaching changed the way I run business operations. I have a simple way to manage priorities, meet time scales, and keep performing in a high pressure environment.

But more importantly, I’m way less stressed about my days.”

Emma Lewis - MD, Rogers Geotechnical Services.


If you've got problems like these then you're in the right place:

You're stressed and feeling out of control. You're overwhelmed by the volume of stuff coming at you every day.

You spend all day spinning plates and putting out fires, rushing from one emergency to the next.

You just don't know how to deal with the ridiculous volume of email that floods your inbox every day.

You're always rushing to meet deadlines at the last minute. You're not making any progress on your priorities and the projects you know you should be working on.

You’re very good at what you do but the systems that you’ve used in the past to manage everything just haven’t kept pace.

What used to work well is now an inbox full of flagged emails that you're desperate to reply but you never “find the time”.

You've run out of space on your whiteboards and you need to get a bigger computer screen because you need more room for your post-it notes.

You feel that you can never be away from your desk, let alone switch off after work or at the weekend.

If you do go on holiday you're just replying to email from a hotel room in a different country instead of relaxing by the pool with your family sipping a cocktail.

You know that there must be a better way to get everything done, but you're just too busy to find it.

You don't have time to read any more books, download yet another app, or go to another seminar.

After all, how do you know in advance what's going to work for you or what's going to be another waste of time that you don't have?

You're frustrated, stressed and fed up because you've got far more opportunities that your business can support.

There's the potential for your business to do so much more but you just don't know how you'd cope with it all.

All of this is just holding you back. In the meantime opportunities are slipping by because you simply don’t have the time or resources to take advantage of them.

Sales are lost because someone on your team forgot to forward that all important email and you missed the deadline for submitting your proposal.

You’ve missed another delivery deadline on an order for a major client because someone forgot to order a vital component in time.

You’re becoming increasingly distracted from what you do best. The core of your business that’s got you this far in the first place.

And if you can't handle what you've already got on your plate now, how can you possibly hope to grow your business?

Working harder isn't the answer. You're probably already working hard enough.

Spending thousands on a new all-singing, all-dancing CRM only to discover after months of investment and training that it doesn’t have the one critical feature that your company really needs is a recipe for disaster.

Hiring new people to get more done can be risky, time-consuming, and expensive. And you know that productivity will probably drop until they get up to speed.

There’s no need for complex project management approaches with lots of unnecessary acronyms and labels. You don’t want to have to spend time updating vast Gantt charts, you just want to get more done.

You don’t want different approaches for each part of your business or to fight against software that forces you to work the way it wants to whether that’s right for you or not.

Why not discover how to make much more of the resources you've already got in your business first?

By creating comprehensive, straightforward, easy to manage systems across your business, nothing will get forgotten and you can meet all of your deadlines.

On time, every time.

You can escape from the daily flood of emails. You don't need to spend your day rushing from one “latest and loudest” emergency to the next.

You can make proactive, consistent progress on your priorities to push your business forward and drive long-term success.

You can delegate effectively and confidently, knowing that everything will be completed on time.

No more lost sales because someone forgot to reply to an email or send the proposal to the client in time.

No more endless meetings going round and round in circles talking about why things haven't been done, while you're thinking about all the things that you could be doing instead.

No more late nights burning the midnight oil just to get the latest project in on time.

And you can do this in a way that actually reduces your stress levels.

That’s just for starters.

"Working on, not in your business" isn't a time management cliché. You can escape from the daily grind and lead your business strategically, not just manage it hour-to-hour, day-to-day.

By making much more of your opportunities you can reach the potential you know you have, doing more great work with more clients.

Isn't it time that you got off the hamster wheel and started running your business rather than spinning plates all day?

Wouldn’t you like to:

* Find out how productive you are now and how much more potential you've got.

* How you can start solving the most common time management and productivity problems in your business.

* Get short, effective ideas that are easy to implement you can start using immediately.

If you’d like to get 8 hours work done in 4, grow your business and get it all done with less stress, then I’d love to talk to you.